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BIO-SEA Systems

BIO-SEA by BIO-UV is a range of complete systems for ships ballast water treatment that combines mechanical filtration and UV-C disinfection, without chemical product and in accordance with the IMO Guidelines.
BIO-SEA is the sole and unique French ballast water treatment specialist.
Dedicated to new building and to retrofit, the range is adaptable, compact, competitive and guaranteed not to contain any chemical products. The BIO-SEA range can treat flow-rates from 30 to 2000 m3/h per ballast pump, automatically.

BIO-SEA technology proceeds in 3 steps, specifically designed for inactivation and elimination of organisms contained in ballast water :

BIO-SEA works in partnership with shipowners,shipyards, shipbuilders (OEM)…, and also with the greatest systems integrators around the world.

BIO-SEA systems are IMO type approved, USCG AMS accepted and its USCG Type Approval is currently in process.