BIO-SEA at EUROPORT exhibition

BIO-SEA systems Le 07-11-2017

BIO-SEA by BIO-UV and its partners VENTEVILLE-RADIO HOLLAND and DAMEN GREEN will attend the EUROPORT exhibition, in Rotterdam from November, 7th to 10th 2017.

EUROPORT exhibition is the unmissable international meeting for maritime sector professionals. As the cruising liner Meraviglia, EUROPORT focuses on vessels building with the latest technologies on the market, which would be beyond the wildest bets. On the strength of its expertise, BIO-SEA is proud to have been selected to fit the Meraviglia with its ballast water treatment system.

BIO-SEA in 4 points

-     BIO-SEA is the sole and unique French ballast water treatment specialist for vessels.
-  BIO-SEA manufactures the complete ballast water  treatment system, which combines mechanical filtration and high UV dose disinfection.
-     BIO-SEA systems works in partnership with shipyards, shipbuilders retailers… all over the world.
-     BIO-SEA systems are IMO Type Approved, USCG AMS accepted and its USCG Type Approval is currently in process.


The BIO-UV team will be available during these 4 days on EUROPORT exhibition to answer all of your questions.

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