Research & Development

Conceive and design new solutions for water treatment

From the beginning in 2000, BIO-UV has always launched innovating solutions: chlorine-free concept for private pools, dechloramination for commercial pools, concept of legionella prevention in air-cooling towers, domestic hot water systems, and more recently ballast water treatment.

Water treatment and water quality are fully part of our priorities, thus our UV systems designed by our engineers will guarantee an optimum water purification.

The use of CFD design (Calculation of Fluid Dynamics) is a key asset for the conception of our range of products, mastered by the engineers of our Engineering department.

The company permanently maintains partnerships with universities, laboratories, and research cells in order to address, develop, and validate optimal solutions for specific requests.

BIO-UV is a partner member of Pôle Eau, a worldwide competitive cluster based in Montpellier in France and is a driving force in the association Swelia, made up of enterprises in the water sector in the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France.

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