Production chain management, flexibility and high quality of purpose-built products

Production: an ongoing commitment

Since its creation in 2000, BIO-UV has manufactured and delivered more than 100 000 UV-C reactors, capable of treating 0,5 m³/h up to more than 2 000 m³/h, including all applications (see our key figures).

From the beginning, only BIO-UV employees have manufactured all reactors and products.
That strategy ensures security, expertise and high quality, as well as it allows huge flexibility that gets BIO-UV able to provide on purpose-built equipments. Our products are directly designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in our factory in Lunel, France.

Being flexible to serve our customers’ needs

As, BIO-UV is managing all the production chain from the Research & Development department to the final product, every day, the design office and the engineers of BIO-UV are responding to new requirements and they are manufacturing reactors matching on request with specific characteristics.
The company worries about providing an adapted product to specific needs. That is why our customers have always found a BIO-UV product that is adapted to their specific application.

Aiming at supporting the expected growth of the company into new activities, BIO-UV has moved to a new industrial building of 5200 m² in total, with 4300 m² dedicated to the production.


bio-uv factory entrancy