Features and benefits of the BIO-SEA ballast water treatment system

Well-proven technology

  • BIO-SEA took advantage of BIO-UV core expertise and its almost 20-years experience as the leading company to treat water with ultraviolet rays, in order to develop one of the best and most efficient ballast water treatment system
  • BIO-SEA solutions are complying with all BWM Regulations so they have all certifications needed as proven technology
  • The greatest marine system integrators and shipping companies have been trusting in our solutions for years

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Leading-edge UV technology

  • High UV dose: the BIO-SEA UV reactors delivered the effective UV dose to destroy 99,9% of microorganisms even with low UV transmittance
  • Tested in low UV water transmittance conditions: can treat efficiently all water qualities whether are fresh, brackish or marine water
  • UV treatment efficiency is not impacted by water temperature, neither by salinity

Discover the principle and the brenefits of UV-C disinfection

Modular solutions

  • Scalable to any flow rate from 10 to 2000 m3/h (may also be extended above on request)
  • Flexible footprint: standard filter option or compact filter option
  • Adaptable systems: skid mounted for new building ships or modular version for retrofits

Worldwide services

  • BIO-SEA has reliable sales and services partners worldwide whose are ready to support your project wherever you are
  • BIO-SEA works with turnkey project partners, the worldwide greatest systems integrators, to provide purpose-built solutions from onboard survey till onboard installation
  • Spare–parts delivery and training session worldwide

Easy to install, operate and maintain

  • Automatic operations from ballasting, de-ballasting to cleaning
  • Easy-to-use interface with an intuitive touch screen
  • Bus communication to connect the BWT system with ship’s automaton system

Safe solutions

  • No explosive gases, zero by-product and zero active substances
  • No induced corrosion
  • Chemical free

Cost efficient solutions

  • Automatic regulation of power consumption depending on water quality
  • Long lifetime of UV lamps
  • First Class marine components