Our technology

BIO-SEA® is a treatment system specifically designed for inactivation and elimination of organisms contained in ballast water, in order to comply with the IMO D-2 standard and USCG regulations for discharge of such water by vessels during their operations.

The system first cleans ballast water using a screen filter, in order to reduce the amount of total suspended particles, organic or not present in the sea water.

Then UV stage of the treatment takes place in a reactor without any additional chemical product nor creation of active substances. It inactivates the microorganisms present in the water.

Treatment during Ballasting Operation: When ballasting, both operations of filtration and UV disinfection are carried out: the objective is to limit the loading of suspended solids and living microorganisms in the ballast tanks to prepare the water to receive the maximum needed UV dose.

Filtration + UV disinfection

Treatment during Deballasting Operation: When deballasting, only the operation of UV disinfection is completed. This allows re-treating the water that stayed in the ship's ballast tank during the journey, in order to eliminate the possible biological regrowth, to ensure compliance with the IMO standards.

UV disinfection only - filtration is automatically by-passed

Cleaning Operation: At the end of operation (either ballasting or deballasting) a total automatic purge of the system is performed, followed by flushing and filling of the filter and UV reactors with fresh water.