Flowrate 100-500 m³/h

BIO-SEA ‘B’ – Standard range, for retrofit or newbuild

The BIO-SEA ‘B’-Series offers ship operators with a flow rate requirement of between 100 and 500 m3/h the ideal compromise between cost, performance and reliability. With a standard BIO-SEA ‘B’ design of one lamp per reactor, effective treatment is achieved with a substantially lower amount of lamps, resulting in more cost-effective, simpler installation and maintenance. This system is suitable for small and mid-size sargo / containerships, cruise vessel, RO-RO, etc.

The BIO-SEA ‘B’ system

IMO – the International Maritime Organization

IMO & USCG approved

BIO SEA systems are all-in-one equipment

All-in-one equipment

Our BWTS are non-toxic and chemical free

Non-toxic chemical free

Our BWTS are easy to install and use

Easy to install and use

Control your BWTS with its touchscreen

Touchscreen interface

Cost efficient rates

BIO SEA has developed a modular version of the ballast water treatment system.


In order to adapt to all ships, BIO-SEA by BIO-UV Group has developed a modular version of the BIO-SEA ‘B’. This allows the system to be easily integrated into the ship’s hold. All components are delivered separately in order to adapt to the available space in the ship.


Ultra-compact, easy to use, reliable and competitively priced, the BIO-SEA ‘B’ – series is the ideal solution for flow rates from 100 to 500m³/h

  • All components (filter, UV reactor and others) are mounted on a platform.
  • The control command cabinet is also mounted on the skid.
  • The electrical power supply cabinets are usually out of the skid (but can be mounted on the platform with other components, on demand).
  • The electrical and hydraulic connections are simple, optimised and easy to connect with the vessel.

BIO-SEA by BIO-UV Group: a proven combination of quality, price and efficiency

  • BIO-UV Group technology

    • More than 20 years of experience in UV technology for water disinfection ensuring optimum design and reliability.
    • UV systems designed and manufactured in France to maintain a high level of quality and efficiency while keeping full control of the total production chain.
    • Safe and sustainable solutions: chemical-free, without explosive gases, zero by-product, zero active substances and zero induced corrosion in the pipes or in the ballast tanks.
  • Best Performance

    • IMO and USCG certified, tested by first-class laboratories.
    • Efficient even with low water transmittance. With no holding time for fresh water.
    • Made with high quality materials (titanium, copper aluminum, SMO) and marine components from reliable and recognized European suppliers, providing a robust and long-lasting BWTS.
  • Best Service

    • Full support to the ship’s crew for complete understanding of the system – from detailed documentation to tailored servicing.
    • Worldwide Service team and partners remain available during and after the integration process.
    • A dedicated training facility in France for ship-owners, technical superintendents, crews and other stakeholders involved in the operation of BWTS for hands-on real-operations training.
  • Easy to use & maintain

    • Ready to use and turnkey solutions available.
    • Treatment process fully automatic – there is no manual intervention required: easy to operate with low maintenance, the large touch screen simplifies the HMI.
    • Different communication protocols available (dry contacts, RS 485, auxiliary touch screen) can be fully integrated to all ship automation systems.
    • System design reduces moving parts (as well as onboard spare parts), which results in a lower operational maintenance costs.
    • UV reactors work independently, allowing the system to stay operational should one of the reactors require maintenance.
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