About UV Ballast Water Treatment

BIO-SEA designs and manufactures UV-based solutions specifically designed for the treatment and disinfection of organisms contained in ballast water.

Treatment during ballasting operations

While ballasting, both filtration and UV disinfection operations are carried out to limit suspended solids and living microorganisms in the ballast tanks, which maximises water exposition to UV-C rays.

uv process water

Treatment during de-ballasting operations

While de-ballasting, only the operation of UV disinfection is completed. This allows re-treating of any water that remains in the ship’s ballast tank during the journey in order to eliminate the possible biological re-growth and to ensure compliance with the IMO standards.

UV disinfection only – filtration is automatically by-passed.

uv process water

Cleaning operations

At the end ballasting and/or de-ballasting operations, a full and automated purge of the system is carried out, followed by the flushing of filters and UV reactors with fresh water.

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