• 2 May 2024

Bio-Sea Ballast Water Treatment for Siem Car Carrier Trio

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  • Flowrate 100 - 500 m3/h

SIEM Car Carriers’ Siem Copernicus is one of three PCCs to be retrofitted with a B02 BIO-SEA BWTS. Siem Copernicus courtesy SIEM Ship Management.

BIO-UV Group has received an order from SIEM Ship Management to supply its BIO-SEA Ballast Water Treatment Systems for a trio of SIEM-managed car carriers. The order, for retrofit installation to the Siem Copernicus, Siem Curie and Siem Socrates, is the latest in a series of deliveries of BIO-SEA B-Series equipment for installation onboard around a dozen SIEM Ship Management reefer vessels since 2021.

In this latest order, BIO-UV Group’s maritime division will provide B02 BIO-SEA BWTS units with a medium to high flow rate of 300-cu.m. per hour.
The Siem Curie and Siem Copernicus, both built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, were delivered in 2009 and 2010 respectively. These 43,810 gt car carriers have a capacity for up to 3,205 cars, whereas the 47,090 gt Siem Socrates, delivered by Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry in 2010, carries up to 4,900 cars.

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