BIO-SEA ‘M’ – Modular solution

BIO-SEA ‘M’ Modular – The compact UV ballast water treatment system on the market with all in one equipment offering maximum flexibility

Benefits of BIO-SEA ‘M’

  • Compatible with ballast water flow rates between 190 and 2100m³/h
  • Designed with a reduced number of polychromatic, medium pressure, high intensity ultraviolet (UV) lamps for optimum cost-efficiency and performance
  • UV dosage automatically controlled according to water quality/turbidity
  • Safe: no chemicals, no by-products, no active substances
  • System performance unaffected by variations in water temperature or salinity
  • Stand-alone operation, user-friendly interface
  • Compact unit with minimal mounting height
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Cost-effective, low OPEX
  • Proven performance in low UV transmission conditions
  • High grade quality materials and components
  • Designed for newbuilds and retrofit projects


Treatment Capacityfrom 190 to 2100m3/h
Power Supply400-440 V; 50-60 Hz; 3-phases
Power Consumption per UV lamps12 kW – 22 KW
UV Lamp Lifetime5000 hours
Environmental Operating ConditionsIT° = 0°C – 55°C; H% < 95
Global Head Loss< 0.55 bars
Operating Pressure1.5-10 bars

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