• 31 January 2022

BIO-UV group’s new BIO-SEA M series BWTS receives USCG certification

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  • Flowrate > 500 m3/h

The new BIO-SEA M-Series ballast water treatment system BIO-UV Group introduced last year has received type approval certification from the United States Coast Guard .

The France-based UV water treatment specialist received USCG certification in December following the successful completion of tests under DNV supervision. The classification society also evaluated and approved all technical documentation and paperwork.

BIO-UV Group received IMO approval for the BIO-SEA M-Series in September 2021.

Technically, the core components and disinfection performance of the M-Series are identical to the B-Series, which received IMO approval in 2017 and USCG type approval in 2018. But because we have designed a new reactor, we needed an updated type-approval certificate

Charlène Ceresola, BWT Project Manager, BIO-SEA by BIO-UV Group

Unveiled in June 2021, the BIO-SEA M-Series system has been specifically designed to optimise the footprint and installation costs of a medium flow rate ballast water treatment system. The M-Series incorporates fewer UV lamps and has the lowest height requirement than any other UV-based systems in the market.

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