• Cerri Cantieri Navali / Baglietto Shipyard

Ballast Water Treatment Equipment of the M/Y Run Away

Localité Italy

The 37 meters long yacht is equipped with ballast tanks but had also very limited available space onboard, BIO-SEA Low Flow L01- 030 (max. flowrate: 30 m3/h) has been chosen to achieve compliance with the “BWM Convention”. 

Further to the unmatched compactness of the system, the quality, and the easiness of use of BIO-SEA Low Flow range systems, along with extended BIO-SEA experience serving the yachting industry, have been key criteria for decision takers. 

Electrical components

BIO-SEA Low Flow systems run with top-of-the-line ultra compact ELC (Electronic Ballast) instead of a cumbersome power cabinet. Distribution and control cabinet being compact as well, all electrical components could have been installed on a 155cm long space against the wall, with no sacrifice of space and no need of relocation of other equipment. 

The engine room with all the BIO SEA system

Mechanical components

A narrow space nearby the electrical components turned out to be sufficient to fit all main mechanical components. 

Such integration is allowed by the unique one UV lamp / reactor design of BIO-SEA systems. Service on the UV reactor can be done from the side, pulling out horizontally the lamp. 

The engine room with all the BIO SEA system

Achieved within 2 months

The unit has been delivered in loose components and the shipyard took in charge actual integration of each component onboard.  It has been successfully commissioned by a BIO-SEA certified service engineer on January, 2021. 

Vessel is now fully compliant with IMO BWM Convention and USCG regulation. 

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