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BIO-SEA Systems
BIO-SEA is the sole and unique French ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist providing a range of complete solutions for ships' ballast water management (BWM).
The BIO-SEA technology combines mechanical filtration and UV disinfection providing solutions of chemical free tratment compliant with the BWM regulation: IMO Convention and USCG regulation.
BIO-SEA both manufactures SKID BWT systems for new bulding and MODULAR BWT systems for retrofit projects.

The BIO-SEA range has numerous benefits: adaptablecompact and able to treat automatically all flow-rates from 10 to 2000 m3/h per ballast reactor.


BIO-SEA technology proceeds in 3 steps, specifically designed for the disinfection of organisms contained in ballast water:

  • ballasting operation: filtration + UV disinfection
  • de-ballasting operation: UV disinfection only
  • cleaning operation
BIO-SEA works with the most important turnkey project partners: ship owners, shipyards, shipbuilders (OEM) and the greatest system integrators around the world.
Thanks to its sale and service partners, BIO-SEA is able to deliver solutions and parts throughout the world.