BIO-SEA by BIO-UV, the sole and unique French ballast water treatment specialist worldwide approved for its expertise


The ballast water treatment system BIO-SEA combines mechanical filtration and high UV dose disinfection, without any chemical treament, made with high marine quality components.
BIO-SEA systems are IMO and USCG type approved. 
BIO-SEA has equipped many vessels, with reliable, innovative, modular and cost efficient solutions. BIO-SEA is able to provide, thanks to its worldwide certified Partners, systems for new building projects and turnkey solutions for retrofits projects, from onboard study till onboard installation (at quay, dry-dock or on voyage). 



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BIO-SEA Systems
BIO-SEA is the sole and unique French ballast water treatment (BWT) specialist providing a range of complete solutions for ships' ballast water management (BWM).
The BIO-SEA technology combines mechanical filtration and UV disinfection providing solutions of chemical free tratment compliant with the BWM regulation: IMO Convention and USCG regulation.
BIO-SEA both manufactures SKID BWT systems for new bulding and MODULAR BWT systems for retrofit projects.

The BIO-SEA range has numerous benefits: adaptablecompact and able to treat automatically all flow-rates from 10 to 2000 m3/h per ballast reactor.


BIO-SEA technology proceeds in 3 steps, specifically designed for the disinfection of organisms contained in ballast water:

  • ballasting operation: filtration + UV disinfection
  • de-ballasting operation: UV disinfection only
  • cleaning operation
BIO-SEA works with the most important turnkey project partners: ship owners, shipyards, shipbuilders (OEM) and the greatest system integrators around the world.
Thanks to its sale and service partners, BIO-SEA is able to deliver solutions and parts throughout the world.