Chemical free BWT

We provide chemical free BWT Systems based on filtration & UV disinfection

Our core business: automated systems of mechanical filtration & UV disinfection for BWT

Mechanical filtration:

  • Filtration reduces suspended particles. The filter size will be custom-designed depending on the ballast pump flow rate

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UV Disinfection

  • A chemical free treatment that destroys microorganismsto reduce suspended particles. All types of waters can be treated: fresh, backwish and sea water.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Our experts from R&D department are using CFD to optimize our BWT systems’ UV radiation and energy consumption, which is resulting in high quality treatment and cost efficiency.

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Automated BWT systems

  • The entire operations of the BIO-SEA systems are automated. Our systems are easy-to-integrate into the ship automaton system. 

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