Quality, innovation, UV disinfection expertise and cost efficiency

Committed to UV expertise: almost 20 years of experience in the ultraviolet water treatment (UV-C)

Our goal is to provide the most innovative Ballast Water Treatment Systems with the higher treatment quality while maintaining cost efficiency.

---->  Our quality commitments <----

Each day, the design office and the BIO-UV’s engineers are adapting to new requirements and are manufacturing reactors to specific characteristics on request.

Because, high performance device does not mean high costs and high complexity to us, we ensure our products are cost efficient and easy-to-use.

----> We are committed to a continuous innovation <----

We guarantee:

  • A constant innovation
  • Eco-friendly water treatment
  • Reactivity, flexibility and service
  • The longest BWTS’ lifetime
  • High performance solutions
  • Cost efficiency
  • High quality marine components
  • The best components’ price/quality ratio
  • Low maintenance rate
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Easy-to-use and upkeep systems

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