BIO-SEA BWT Systems are compliant with the IMO and USCG regulation

BIO-SEA: certifications and Type Approvals for its Ballast water treatment systems

Since 2013, BIO-SEA has been IMO Type Approved by Bureau Veritas on behalf of the French Administration according to the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
The IMO Type Approval for BIO-SEA ballast water treatment systems means they meet the IMO D2 Standard that all vessels must comply with since the IMO Convention entered into force on September the 8th, 2017.

BIO-SEA USCG Type Approved

BIO-SEA systems are USCG Type Approved from 20 to 1400m3/h for USCG mode (per system) with no holding time in fresh water, 24h in marine water and 19h in brackish water in USCG mode

BIO-SEA also received Design Approval from many Class Societies like ABSDNV-GLLloyd's Registrer and RMRS.

certifications of BIO-SEA's systems


BIO-UV: certified as the UV-C disinfection specialist:

Since November 2004, thanks to its technological leadership, BIO-UV has been the first company and unique French one to be certified by the French Ministry of Health Services for UV disinfection and dechloramination (chloramines destruction)

  • The French Ministry of Health Services certified our UV disinfection systems for commercial pools and drinking water treatment
  • BIO-UV is also the only company to be certified for the low and medium pressure
  • In 2008, the company was certified ISO 9001
  • EEC and UL/CA certified (for USA and Canada)
  • Most of our systems are NSF, ÖNORM and ACS UV certified

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Committed to quality: 

The water treatment activity is subjected to strict regulation. Therefore, BIO-UV is testing all its reactors directly in its factory after manufactured them in order to meet the strictest requirements in terms of both efficiency and reliability.
Also, all BIO-UV systems include certified UV lamps providing the most effective water treatment and preventing from any risk for both the human health and the environment.

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