Automated Monitoring and Control

Computerized operations for peace of mind and efficiency

The entire operations of the BIO-SEA system can be carried out automatically; from the mechanical filtration, the UV disinfection to the cleaning.

     screen appendix of automated ballast water treatment


Automatic system treating ballast water

  • Automatic and/or manual operation for ballasting, de-ballasting, and cleaning
  • Valves opening and closing
  • Filter cleaning
  • UV intensity regulation
  • Events recording


Automaton operates through sensors and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • UV sensor (w/m²)
  • Temperature sensor (°C)
  • Flow meter (m3/h)
  • Differential pressure switch (bars)
  • End stroke switch (automatic valves)


Easy-to-use monitoring and control interface

  • An user-friendly touch screen interface for easy and better understanding
  • Bus communication for remote control and integration to vessel automaton system and command control
  • Operator and Administrator Modes
  • Recording of operations, alarms, and measured UV intensity (10,000 records of each) covering 24 months

cabinet control of bio-sea automatic ballast water treatment system