Mechanical Filtration

Better filtration system for cleaner ballast water treatment

Filtration for efficient disinfection

The objective of the filtration is to retain the suspended particles, organic or not present in the seawater while charging water into ships’ ballast.
The water goes through a 20μm screen filter (the finest one available on the market) that keeps the particles out of the ballast. This operation is very important as the more particles are retained, the more efficient the UV disinfection will be.

A 20 Micron Filter built with first class marine components

  • The finest filter, 20μm filtering element in order to retain suspended solids and zooplankton
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Manufactured using only premium quality raw materials

Automated backwash

At the end of filtration step, the filter surface area is being cleaned automatically and all the filtered organisms are flushed out and the filtrate is being sent back to the local water.

  • Automatic backwash, monitored by a pressure switch
  • No disruption of the filtration process during the cleaning cycle, and no significant variation of the treated flow rate
  • Additional suction pump to allow a complete cleaning even if the vessel service pressure is low

Scalable and efficient

  • A compact filter saving space
  • Size to scale depending on the flow rate to treat
  • Vertical configuration