UV Disinfection

We provide ballast water treatment systems based on the UV disinfection technology

The principle of UV Disinfection

BIO-SEA is using the leading-edge technology to equip reactors from its ballast water treatment systems with powerful lamps that emit UV-C rays.
At 254 nanometers, the optimum wavelength to destroy microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, algae, yeasts, mould including Legionella and Cryptosporidium), UV-C rays penetrate the DNA’s heart and disturb the metabolism of cells until they are totally destroyed. All germs are thus deactivated and cannot reproduce.

uv reactor for disinfection of ballast water

BIO-SEA: the UV water treatment specialist

Our engineers use the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in order to design optimized reactors that will ensure sufficient exposure time and guarantee the efficient UV dose for destroying microorganisms. Also, the CFD allows taking into account the low UV Transmittance to design UV reactor that can treat all water qualities.
BIO-UV has designed, manufactured, and offered UV sanitizers for water disinfection and water purification since May 2000.
Through this long experience that still goes on nurturing our water treatment expertise, we guarantee an optimal UV disinfection.

uv reactor with manual valves for disinfection of ballast water


The effective UV dose

The Effective UV DOSE (mJ/cm²); it is the dose necessary to eradicate a particular microorganism.
It refers to the UV energy that must be absorbed by the living microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, algae in suspension…) in order to be destroyed. It is measured in millijoules/cm2 (mJ/cm²).

It is the result of an equation between:

  • the flow rate
  • the equipment design (= exposure time)
  • the UV-C power emitted by the lamp

Our ballast water treatment systems destroy 99,9% of microorganisms

spectrum of uv radiations


The UV Transmittance

The UV Transmittance (UVT) measures, as a percentage, the amount of UV light that passes throughout a water sample compared to the amount of UV light that passes throughout clear water.
So that, the worst water qualities have a low UVT.

high versus low uv transmittance

Our ballast water treatment systems treat efficiently fresh, backish and marine water


Main Benefits 

  • Titanium reactor equipped with a single polychromatic, medium pressure, high intensity UV lamp (high UV dose)
  • Automatic monitoring of UV dose
  • High-quality quartz sleeve protecting the UV lamp
  • Chemical free solutions
  • Tested in low UV water transmittance conditions, can treat all water salinity and is not affected by water temperature
  • Optimized design with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic), taking into account the UV transmittance and fluid speeds on the quartz sleeves, in order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance
  • Lamp are driven by electronic transformer, which allows accurate management in terms of regulation optimization, power consumption reduction
  • One of the longer lamp’s lifetime on the market
  • Monitoring through UV sensor (intensity)
  • The UV reactors installation is easy-to-do

high quality quartz sleeve dismounted from the uv reactor