• 3 January 2023

It's not over for ballast water treatment

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  • Flowrate 100 - 500 m3/h

It still seems that there are a lot of questions about BWTS and told some shipping crews may still be sratching their heads about the operation of these systems. A new company has launched on the market that looks to help ease the installation and operation of BWTS. Simplify Ballast is a consultancy that looks to be a bridge between crew and equipment suppliers. Mark Riggio founder of Simplify Ballast explained that over the years that he worked in the ballast water treatment market one of the glaring problems in the market has been that crews have not understood ballast water treatment systems that have been installed on vessels, either their operations or the value of them for upoming regulations.

“As we approach the deadline for ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) to be fitted the industry may be starting to breathe a sigh of relief that we are approaching the end. But, as questions remain about maintenance of systems, the ongoing supply of parts and how the convention with be enforced, it looksset that ballast water treatment will still be a hot topic even after the deadline for installation has passed.”

Samantha Fisk
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