BIO-SEA ‘L’ – Modular solution

BIO-SEA ‘L’ Modular – An adjustable design offering maximum flexibility

With the BIO-SEA BWTS Modular version, components are supplied loose for various installation configurations. Scope of supply includes all components needed to build-in a complete UV ballast water treatment system (except for the pipes and part of the cables).

This is the ideal solution for existing ships when the engine room space is limited or the configuration onboard is complex.

The BIO-SEA Modular configuration allows for maximum integration flexibility.

Benefits of BIO-SEA ‘L’

  • Adjustable design fitting any engine room
  • Reduced number of lamps with the right UV dose & power regulation
  • Safe: no chemicals, no by-products, no active substances
  • System performance unaffected by variations in water temperature or salinity
  • Automatic operation, user-friendly interface
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Cost effective, low OPEX solution
  • High grade marine quality materials and components


Treatment Capacityfrom 13 to 120 m3/h
Power Supply400-440 V; 50-60 Hz; 3-phases
Power Consumption per UV reactor6 kW
UV lamp lifetime5000 hours
Environmental Operating ConditionsIP54; T° = 0°C; H% < 95
Global Head Loss< 0.55 bars
Operating Pressure1.5-10 bars
UV Lamps
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