Strategic partnership in China for ballast water treatment

BIO-SEA systems Le 12-12-2019

BIO-UV GROUP ANNOUNCES A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP IN CHINA with Hai Cheung Trading, a Chinese specialist in equipment and services for the maritime industry

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This partnership will help to strengthen BIO-UV Group's commercial presence in Asia, and China in particular, which accounts for more than two thirds of construction in the maritime industry and therefore offers significant business development potential. 

To successfully steer its deployment in this strategic region, BIO-UV Group will be able to draw on HCT's extensive network, which includes all shipyards in China, with a view to speeding up the marketing of its BIO-SEA ballast water treatment systems in the region.


bio-uv group and hai cheung china signing strategic partnership on ballast water treatment systems


The IMO and USCG certification obtained by BIO-UV Group, represents a very strong barrier to market entry. This, combined with BIO-UV’s high-performance systems and HCT’s enhanced knowledge of China’s maritime ecosystem, all contributed to a positive partnership with HCT, the decisive attributes of which, together, will enable BIO-UV Group to respond perfectly to the needs of Chinese shipowners and shipyards.